The day of a Publishing Media student struggling to get to grips onto how to code and do basic formatting.

Please say this works as who knows? This is a struggle.

This is an experimentation to see how one girl can fair in a world of random letters and symbols that are supposed to create a beautiful website. But, who knows?

So, I started today waking up at 7:30am. I then spent 3 hours on setting up a BASIC format which was already mostly done for me. Thankfully, I have been well fed through Maccy Ds’ so the rage levels are low.

Here is a an image

My Current Reaction

At this point, I am randomly typing - hoping that this will translate into a post which I can call my own. However, it might not even appear or resemble anything that I thought it would.

  • Why do I need bullet points now?
  • What list do I need in order to cope with this?
  • Has anyone checked the professional coders are okay?
  • Should we send them pictures of puppies because after this stress, I would need that?
  • I ate too much at Maccy Ds…

Look, we can number the ways in which I have struggled…

  1. The avater
  2. The heading
  3. I’m pretty sure I lost my blog post.
  4. The tomatoes weren’t on the screen before…

“There is a lot more that you can learn about markdown but by using Atom the toolbar will help!” I hope that this will help, but who knows? Maybe this isn’t my destiny.

Why is the world so reliant on coding anyway? Why couldn’t we have just had it based on some other form of communication.

This is no way was an ode.

I only wrote that because it rhymed… Can you forgive me?